Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

#Dibiaego is culture of OGENE-DANCEHALL.. Dr. Money (AUDIO)

#Dibiaego #OgeneDanceHall
#Dibiaego #OgeneDanceHall


Nothing is stopping Dr.Money after releasing a spanking hot video “Kolombo” last month…
The first signed artist Under 4realRecords has dropped a new joint and it’s just classic.
The record which was produced by Vast dropped a few days ago and people are going nuts.
The song is titled “Dibiaego” (Dr.Money) and it talks about God blessings  and hard earned reputation when looking back.

“Dibiaego” is an OgeneDancehall song and it was accompanied by God directed by Justin Kingland.

Dibiaego is the best running song. Dibiaego is not only for cultural activities, festivals and Traditional Occasions, but also it is the best running song to get your blood and feet moving to the beat..

Whether you love running with all your heart or only take to the pavement begrudgingly, make Dibiaego the dance in your playlist. Get it in your ears that can make or break your workout. #Dibiaego is the very best running song to keep you going mile after mile in the gym or on the road walk, hiking trails .

#Dibiaego is culture of OGENE-DANCEHALL

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