Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

HIT GOSPEL: ‘Praise The Lord’ BY Blerisa


Blerisa, whose full name is Blessing Manafa, is a teen singer and song writer. She started singing at the age of 5 and since then led worship songs till date.

She is 18 years old and has a strong passion for music, singing and song-writing. Her aspiration is to sing and write songs that inspire people, especially youngsters like herself to do positive things.

‘Praise The Lord’ is a reggae/alternative rock track that was written by herself and produced by Mr Wole Adesanya, also known as Mr Wols for Greenland Music Production.

Blerisa wrote ‘Praise The Lord’ in the quest of wanting to write something different from her other songs, as challenged by her mum(who is in full support of her music).

She is also the winner of the ‘GREEN HUNT’ singing talent competition 2014 (maiden edition) organised by Greenland Music Production.