Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has disclosed that she would never be in a relationship with a man for financial benefits.

According to the actress, dating a man for financial gains will reduce the respect he has for the woman.

She stated that never has she, in her lifetime, ever dated a man due to his wealth hence his love with Jamie has been nothing but pure.

Yvonne explained further that if it were for riches, there were a lot of men ready to tie her down but unfortunately, money has always been out of the equation for her.

“If it were a wealthy or richer man, it’s easy for some of us but it’s not about that. Why do I have to work hard? I would work hard and look for a man with money. I don’t need a man to feed me and pay my bills every day…” she said on Joy FM’s “Personality Profile” with Sammy Forson on Thursday.

She stressed that her current relationship with her baby father, Jamie, has been nothing but true love.

“With Jamie, it’s been, pure love. Don’t date people because of money. He might not even respect you and you can’t question them. They pay your bills and you shut up…” she said.