Actress Nadia Buari has revealed that not only has she been with the father of her daughters for a decade, but she also has four children, all girls, and that the last one was born in January 2018.

In a post on Instagram on Sunday wishing the father of her girls happy Father’s Day, she said she gave birth to the twins in 2015 and in February 2017 gave birth to the third girl followed by the fourth baby girl in January 2018.

In 2015, when the twins were born, public interest heightened with many wanting to know the father but the actress kept his identity away from the public.

Talking about him publicly for the first time, Nadia Buari also shared a one-minute video of the family with a letter to the love of her life and in the letter, she disclosed for the first time that she has four kids with him.

Below is what Nadia posted on Instagram;

“My dearest… Here comes one of those moments when I find myself reminiscing about the richest and most congenial memories of the past decade of our relationship.

“Along this journey came the season of February 2015 when we welcomed our gorgeous set of twin girls.
Then, In February 2017 we were blessed with another beautiful girl.

And then, In January 2018, we were blessed again with our adorable munchkin who made the Grand Entry into this world.
Honey, from the moment I saw your merry eyes – you have always had an air of geniality which you’ve never lost.

This special day affords me the opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable man you are, the amazing guide you represent, the selflessness you exhibit beyond measure, and the perfect father you are to our children.

I want you to know that, as I love and appreciate you, so I esteem every moment of our journey for the past 10 years.
My prayer to God today is that He blesses us with many, many more of these decades and continue to keep us worthy. Happy Father’s Day baby!

With all my love