By Marlikberry,

I want to use this medium to say once again that there is no need for a Caretaker Committee in Agulu.
The idea to dissolve the most “FREE, FAIR, AND CREDIBLE” election in Agulu and subsequently set up a Caretaker Committee into APU is the height of injustice geared towards creating anarchy in a peace loving Agulu community.
On the 7th January 2021, I attended the maiden general meeting as was organised by new Exco of APU led by Owelle Agulu and I also made contribution towards the line that government should always listen to the leaders and pillars of the community in a situation like this to enable them know the correct position before coming up with decisions that may cause trouble in the community.
When I was honestly saying all these, little did I know that my name was in the list of Government Caretaker Committee as a member.
Let me state and categorically too that I am not interested in the Committee because there is no need for the Committee in the first place.
Let us join hands and look for ways that will help us be more united as a community and shun all acts capable of putting the community apart.
This message had become necessary to clear some ambiguities concerning my stand on the issue and to make my very good friends know that i am on the path of justice, equity and fairness.
Thank you.

Comrade Nathaniel Anigbo(Atu Agulu)

My people of Agulu we all have had our brother and i guess as a community we need to be united for future reasons and so shall it be…