OVER 15,000 Nigerian diasporans are languishing in foreign jails: National Conference

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OVER 15,000 Nigerian diasporans are languishing in foreign jails according to shocking statistics just revealed at the ongoing National Conference in a debate on foreign policy and diaspora matters.   During a heated debate on the issue, delegates took a swipe on the federal government for its defective foreign policies, saying  they were responsible for the poor and negative image accorded the nation broad. Southeast delegate Ihechukwu Madubuike, who unreeled the prisoner statistics, said that15,316 Nigerians are in various prisons abroad, most of them on death row.   He also disclosed that a staggering 6,000 Nigerian citizens were being held in various countries for drug related activities. According to Mr Madubuike, over 5,145 Nigerian girls are being held in foreign countries for drug trafficking, adding that another 3,719 citizens are somewhere in Canada, undergoing all manners of harrowing experience.   Mr Madubuike noted that consular services was not enough to take care of the  challenges faced by diasporans and staff and recommended that the government create a Foreign Service Commission. Other delegates backed his call, urging the government to live up to its responsibilities by developing a pragmatic foreign policy that would restore Nigeria to its pride of place among nations.   “If a nation’s foreign policies is a mix of strategies to safeguard the interest of the nation, then, they must pay special interest to our diasporan citizens, especially those diasporans, who are in jail or who have been detained justly or unjustly. A report from the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency recently said that 6,000 Nigerians are in various countries because of drug related activities, while other reports indicate that 15,316 Nigerians are in various prisons abroad.   “Consular services is not enough to take care of these people, that is why I support setting up commission that will give relief to our maligned Nigerians. Most of them have suffered unnecessary masturbation and treated with hedonistic instinct not meant for human beings,” Mr Madubuike added.   Meanwhile, delegates also asked the federal government to declare total war on terrorism that is threatening national security. The conference also condemned the bomb explosion carried out by Boko Haram that rocked Kano State on Monday, which claimed about 10 lives.