Policemen in Onitsha Killed an innocent young man, (Onyebuchi)


They have killed him! They have cut short all his propects in life, all he had planned to achieve in

life…this little life.

What a barbaric treatment meted out on an unarmed and ebulient young Onyebuchi Okeke (Etiokwe), from Isiamaigbo village Agulu in Anaocha LGA in Anambra State, in the hands of our Nigeria policemen in Onitsha.

He took his bike last Saturday, 21st June, to go and meet with a fellow club member and friend to harmonize the activity of their coming club meeting which would be his turn to host.

He finished with his friend and decided to go home. Due to the brutality nature synonymous with the Inland Town policemen whose axis he would pass to his house, his friend advised him to wait untill it’s about 9pm when they must have reduced their presence on roads and the coast become clear for easy passage, but as an innocent fellow who believed in freedom of movement in his fatherland, he decided to ride quitely home since it could become more late if he keep waiting to avert some other risky and night’s unforeseen circumstances.


Onyebuchi did not know what was in stock for him in the hands of these waiting cruel security officers as he approaches.

They stopped him, in the process he was massively beaten by the men entrusted with the protection of lives of Nigerian citizens with the butts of their guns as they were forcefully dragging his motorcycle away from him. With the strenght of a man that was still left in him, he managed to call his friend to tell him what has happened to him.

He actually confessed to him that his strength was drifting away from the beating. Few people around the area could not help as they weren’t mobile to take him to the hospital.

They took him to their own house against when the day break for a hospital treatment since Onyebuchi was said to had later later recuperated with some energy after some first aid care. But alas, it wasn’t as they thought as Onyebuchi did not live to see the next day! His corpse has been deposited in the morgue for a postmortem to be carried out.

This killing is outrightly barbaric and this injustice must be addressed.

Onyebuchi, we mourn your painful demise with heavy heart..

Etiokwe, sleep in the Lord..

Good night!