Report on the 2nd Meeting of the Anambra State Association Turkey (ASA-TR), held on Sunday 20th March 2022.


  1. Welcome and opening remarks by the President ASA=TR

Chief Obi Wisdom Anusi (Aku Adalu Nwa), President of the ASA-TR,
opened the meeting and thanked Statistics (ASA-TR Members) for organizing the event.

President of ASA-TR in Opening Remarks

The President noted that in as much as his secretary general,
financial secretary and some of the executives are still in Nigeria
had highlighted need to appoint a temporally staff to take care of the
office till their return. The President wasted no time, but to do the
needful by appointing two members to replace the gaps till further notice.

On Sunday 20th March, the second meeting of the Anambra State Association Turkey was held in Istanbul.
The meeting was extremely well attended with in excess of more than 25 participants representing
a cross section of stakeholders. The ASA-TR continues to grow with further signups of new members
following the last meeting. ASA-TR offer a free introductory meeting following which membership of
ASA-TR is required to participate in welfare introduction. Membership of ASA-TR does of course provide access to all ASA-TR activities at either no cost or preferential rates. We would like to encourage greater involvement
and participation from well meaning Anambrians and need to consider how this can be achieved.

From Left is the ASA-TR, PRO and members sited in the Meeting

ASA-TR is a community and we are keen that the Special Interest Group provides a platform to encourage
ongoing discussion and joint collaboration. To this end, Anambra In Diaspora Development/Estate has been
set up for members of the group to continue dialogue between meetings. If you would like to be added to
this, please make sure you have joined Anambra Association Turkey (Join ASA-TR) and the Special Interest
Group ( If you think you have already joined the ASA-TR but have not been attending
meetings due to any reason best known to you, please contact our SG for re-registration. If you are a member of ASA-TR and fall into the said category, Send proof of membership subscription to SG to speed up the process of confirming your membership.

Country King during the General at ASA-TR Meeting

The meeting on 20th March began with a summary around the plans for ANAMBRA DAY that will be held in
August end. Although this specific meeting was focused on the development of guidelines, the aims of
the Special Interest Group are broader than this. As previously discussed we aim to create a community
through which people working in the field can come together to collaborate.

One suggestion for these formal meetings was to include checking on our members welfare.
This is where members can share their problems if any, or case studies in 3-minute presentation.
We plan to take this forward as part of our next meeting and beyond. The President thereafter brought the issue of one of our member who has been sick and money was contributed for his treatment.

Dr. Money at the ASA-TR Meeting

In our second meeting, we asked what people wanted out of this group.
The key points were very much centered on collaboration, engaging with research and linking
up the research and Development in our communities back home. There was also a strong interest
in Investment opportunities mostly in Real Estate Business.

Members of ASA-TR Sited During The Meeting

Hence the decision to focus the second meeting on guidelines as this is a topic with significant
interest and the potential for us to work together to enact a useful change at a state and national level.
Very few guidelines are available in relation to upper limb difference and existing guidelines are
usually single profession based.

Refreshment was served as usual and members were happy that the meeting went successful.

Chief Obi Wisdom Anusi (Aku Adalu Nwa)
President ASA-TR
On Behalf Of ASA TR