What is federation account? What is the contribution of all the federating units of Nigeria into this so-called account that makes it federation account?

For an account to be federation account it means all the federating units are contibuting into it, proportionately. What the Gambaris tagged Federation Account is not federation account in any way, but obviously a Southern And Middle Belt Joint Account.

Are the North-Westerners exempted from contributing into the federation account and why? Is the proceed from sales of tomato, cow and onion remitted into the federation account? If not, why not? If yes, we want to see how much in Naira as supported by documentary evidence.

Is there any tax or VAT derived from sales of cow, tomato, onion, and groundnut? If yes, Osho-Omo-Ole should show us how much it is per annun.

Is corruption not taking the money sourced from one area to develop another area to the detriment of the area it was sourced from?

If Buhari is a good muslim, I expect him to hand over Nigerdelta resources back to them and go back to his region to create wealth from his environment so that all the regions can compete. Mind you, I am not from Niger-Delta. But I do not see why I should be reaping where I did not sow, moreso to the detriment of those that sowed.

You cannot rob Peter because you want to pay Paul and then shout corruption.

It is on records that Buhari’s constituency, the North-West, is not contributing anything except Islamisation to the federation. Therefore, Buhari and APC should rather be discussing Islamisation Accounts but not Federation Accounts.

You cannot be discussing how money in a joint account you opened with your wife is being spent by her when actually you are aware that all the money in that joint account was deposited by her and her alone.

– IMO 010815