Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Two beheaded in cult fight “Say No to Cault” -Chidima Ubani

We were shocked from the information FOA gathered and what we heard, according to our source this is not a tale but reality… Read after the cut.

I have no pity for this misled youths but I have much pity for their parents. Wondering what their poor mothers at home now will be thinking now on hearing that their innocent children whom they sent to school with high hope of making them proud tomorrow are the two students that were beheaded a night ago.

I would have chosen to keep silent but persistent requests from friends for me to post something about it as a mouthpiece of the youths warranted me to do this.


So many times as a human, I feel like doing something stupid or taking a stupid decision or step, but when I think of all the people who has invested in me, who believes so much in me, who have much hope in me, when I think of the man I want to be tomorrow, the man who ll give hope to the hopeless, I just caution myself and make a u-turn.
Few weeks ago a final year student of microbiology (Biggy) believed to have been the number 1 of the so called Bokinafaso was shot and a night ago the retaliation has been carried out on two Maf boys Ebuka, a 3rd year Student of Environmental sciences and Sammy 3rd year political science student by beheading them.

Now the question is; has this fruitless barbaric war ended ? What is going to be the action of the Maf boys now who are one man down?


I want to use this medium to advise all good students of the institution to stay as safe as possible and also solicit for the government and all security agencies for immediate intervention as this ugly incident is getting out of hands.

This post is not worth liking but sharing so that others will learn from it so don’t fail to share after reading.

By Chidinma Ubani…