Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Turbulence Show at Accra Stadium cancellation SAGA (Listen Audio)

Turbulence show at Accra Spot Stadium Cancelled Saga/Venue Changed

The Blakk Consciousness Tour Phase 1 Featuring TURBULENCE which is scheduled to take place today 27th Stadium looks like a flop because its past 8pm and no one has a clue what is going on. According to the organizers Facebook page, the event was scheduled to take place 6pm but However according our source a Text from one of the Organizers came in, saying “Venue constraint,Show is no more coming on at the stadium but at La-Tawala Which is very unprofessional for JahLaw Promotion and MBE consult,because venue and sound should be 100% confirmed before bringing such a legendary artist to Ghana.
By now they should be busy writing/mailing invited guests and all Artist on bill, about the change of Venue, but all this is absent. No indication of cancellations nor change of Venue,This was brought to our attention a few minutes ago, when our team got to the venue, they apparently didn’t see any of the organizers and the place was as quite as a cemetery. We knew things were much worst when one of their own media partners had to contact us to query if the event is happening.

Now, what makes This TURBULENCE Live in Ghana even more of a mystery is the organizers They look zeal less and are relaying on the fun based in their community. There was no massive hype on the media, and they do not really socialize with the various dance-hall gurus in Ghana. So there is not even a slight hint of rumor, excuse or gossip that can explain as to what may be causing the absence of information. All the world knows is this major event has no publicity nor updates on Tv,blogs or even radio.

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