Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Why Are You Treating Them Bad? Where Is The Sincerity? (Nadis)


What for goodness sake is going on in my state, Anambra? Must everything be seen in perspective of politics? Even with the people living with sickle cell disorder in my state? Why must health challenges like sickle cell anemia be conduits for fraudulent activities I see going on with the Anambra State ministry of health?

I took my time to conduct investigations (which I have come out fully for) into some activities of the Anambra State ministry of health after I got reports on wicked treatments being meted out to the Sickle Cell Disorder patients living in our midst by an orchestrated fraud going on in this ministry since 2002.

But before I go on, I want to ask this question pls; who is the head of the ministry of health in Anambra State? Is it one Mr Muokebe, or the Permanent Secretary or the commissioner, Dr Akabuike?

The reason I asked this is because, the association of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder in Anambra State has been under a serious blackmail, siege, and high level of oppression from the office of this Permanent Secretary of the state ministry of health who is so determine to hijack and loot the token of 1 Million Naira given to this helpless group by the governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Gov. Willie Obiano since last year November. This is the highest level of irresponsibility one can see in a ministry such as one can get in Anambra State under this present administration.

The governor has released this money since November 2015, then, what on earth, and who is withholding this money when having in mind the condition of the beneficiaries? It is certain someone is sitting on this money.

Now coming to one of my earlier questions. There’s one Mr Muokebe, a parasite in the ministry of health and a fraud bedeviling and threatening the lives and existence of these group with Sickle Cell disorder in Anambra State. The information I gathered said that this man, Muokebe, is not in any way answerable to the ministry of health or the government of Anambra State as an employee, he’s not a salary earner. He runs a fraudulent NGO with Sickle Cell Disorder who uses one useless name in the guise of ‘Tracking’ to use to track their blood, a ploy he uses to deceive and to hold this ministry and these victims hostage and head bound.

He deceive these patients, call them for a blood and system check for new drug prescriptions for their health problems and I ask; is sickle cell not in the DNA? Can it be cured as these people were made to believe by Mr Muokebe? Why does this man use this people for money venture aided by the Anambra State ministry of health and no one is raising an eyebrow? Is he more powerful than the commissioner and the Perm Sec.? I will not talk more on this now but later, so that our people will be abreast with the type of fraud coming out from this ministry.

Now I want to ask again; who is the Permanent Secretary of the ministry of health in Anambra State? I want to know his full name(s). This man has been the ‘fertilizer’ that has been sustaining Mr Muokeme’s firm, long and evil grip on this ministry to deprive this patients their benefits from the state. Do you know that Sickle Cell Law was passed in Anambra State in 2002 and till today, all the benefits from this law for this group living with this disorder are diverted into private pockets. No N1 has been brandished before their faces since 2002 and budgets are made and some group share them to themselves!

So again I ask, who are those who passed the SICKLE CELL Law with the sole intentions of enriching their pockets without its implementation while the victims die in droves? What has been the dirty deal of the Permanent Secretary of the ministry of health with this notorious man called Mr Muokebe? Having noticed that the commissioner who is a political appointee though a Medical Doctor was not aware of the banana peels set in motion from this permanent Secretary who claimed he has sympathy for the Sicklers yet he doesn’t even know the venue where these victims convene their meetings and has never visited the venue let alone the group. It is important the good people of the state ate informed that One Mr Mokebe who is a merchant for this evil minded group collects the sufferers blood in the name of research and tracking and sell to the international donors who are not particularly interested in our people’s survival or well being. The Permanent Secretary through Mr Mokebe and group have gone ahead to threaten some members of the media whom they believed are a serious threat to their mode of operation in the state.

It is pertinent we note that any person championing the Sickle Cell sensitization cause without the media awareness is a total FRAUD! This is nothing but the truth.

Pls Ndi Anambra, have you come to ask why the government of this state cannot even give the association of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder in the state a bus for sensitization but would not hesitate to give to politicians for political campaigns? Then, how has the church advocated for the group mobility since Rev. Fr. Dr. Cosmas Ebebe who usually give them his car and bus for sensitization tour was posted to Port Harcourt? So it is high time the ministry understand that sensitization without mobility and media is an absolute fraud and charade and morally wicked in the sight of God.

How come the government’s Teaching Hospital does not run sickle cell clinic while HIV case is highly pampered and celebrated? These questions obviously begs for an answer! May God help the sufferers.

Lastly, let me for now, thank Dr Joe Akabuike for the attention and some understanding he showed lately to this group despite the criminals’ efforts to scare these people away from him. I will equally thank him for fighting hard to ensure that Sickle Cell disorder patients in Anambra State receive their money from governor Obiano.

I believe, pray and hope that something is done to ameliorate the suffering conditions of these people with which I will choose to be blunt and direct next time if nothing is done to return their benefits from the authorities concerned.

These group should be properly cared and catered for as fellow members and citizens of the society. They’re the Association Of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) Nigeria. Commissioners have them, presidents have them, governors have them even the clergies. It is not only seen in the houses of the poor. They should be loved by all.