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Face of Agulu

Who is Ice Prince to use F word at President Jonathan over Jos Bombing?

When the going was good
When the going was good

Back in the good time””

Who is Ice Prince with this tweet of President Jonathan? We can understand his frustrations coupled that Jos is his home town. But common, we think he has gone too far.. from time to time call out the President when i feel things are not being done rightly, but he is still the President of the nation..you need not to go about using obscenity at the President of the nation PUBLICLY! If ICE PRINCE IS ARRESTED I THINK IT WILL BE GREATLY JUSTIFIED


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Goodluck Jonathan!! What da fuck is up?? We’ve been glued to the news since this shit started.. Now there’s bomb in my city!! Wtf is up? 🙁




Various celebrities may have shown their care about the abducted girls in various ways, but one person that is angry about the whole situation is Chocolate City rap star, Ice Prince Zamani.

The artist questioned President Goodluck Jonathan on what his intentions are on bomb explosions in some parts of the northern states in Nigeria, especially in Jos, Plateau State, Ice Prince’s home state, where two explosions reportedly killed over 100 persons.
Ice Prince, who is believed to be one of the President’s favourite artists, having received an award in 2013 along with his colleague, M.I Abaga as NASCOM Rhythm & Play Ambassadors, from the Federal Government, is now angry with GEJ’s perceived slow pace in curtailing the activities of insurgents in the country.


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