END TIMES — Lady Takes Relationship Issues to her Pastor’s Wife But Osofo Maame Snatched the Man and Chopped Him Rather

Well if this isn’t a sign of the so-called end times that Christians have been warning us about for the past 2,000 years then I don’t know what is.

An osofo maame has been accused of ‘stealing’ a church member’s boyfriend after the church member came to her to complain about issues she was having in her relationship

The lady took to social media to tell her story of being duped by her own horny ‘osofo maame’.

She wrote: “My boyfriend and I were having some issues, the quarrel was so bad that we were on the verge of breaking up. I was not happy and that affected my zeal in the church. My pastor’s wife noticed, and asked me to invite my BF for a talk, after I told her. The woman later f*cked my man.”

Talk about a gangster osofo maame! Honestly, I’ve never advocated for taking relationship issues to outsiders and this story has done nothing to prove me wrong.

What do you, our dear readers, think the lady should do in response to this blatant violation by a trusted church leader?