First round of audition kickstarts search for Miss Nigeria Ghana


An audition at Carbon, one of the leading entertainment centres in Ghana, marked the beginning of programs lined up for this year’s Miss Nigeria Ghana event.
The audition took place on Saturday, September 30, at the famed entertainment centre located at Icon House at Airport City in Accra.
The judges for the audition were Victoria Micheals, Stephanie Karikari, Miss Ghana 2010, Yemmy Baba and Nancy Blaq.

The judges expressed satisfaction with the large turnout of contestants for the Miss Nigeria Ghana crown that will task the ultimate winner with the responsibility as Nigeria’s Youth Ambassador in Ghana.
The Miss Nigeria Ghana pageant is designed for young Nigerian ladies from 18 years and above and Ghanaians of half Nigerian parentage schooling or living in Ghana.
It is aimed at encouraging young ladies towards a new order of projecting the bilateral relationship between Ghana and Nigeria, foster a more cordial relationship among the youth of the two countries and creating a platform for general entertainment and business promotion.
The event has the endorsement of the Nigeria High Commission in Ghana.
The crowning event will be held at the main auditorium of the National Theatre, Accra on November 10, 2018.
Jessica Ogbogu, the Communications Director of Miss Nigeria Ghana, in a short interview with the press, explained the process that leads to the emergence of the queen:
“First we took our time in selecting the personalities who were entrusted with the responsibility of judging and selecting capable minds among the girls present today to represent different states of Nigeria at the pageant.
“Our judges are proven professionals in their fields with impeccable moral values and I must repeat the fact that in order for one to be crowned Miss Nigeria Ghana, she has to exhibit a discipline and commitment to the goals of the pageant and has to be a person with high moral values, the prettiest sometimes does not win the crown because other factors than physical looks are put into consideration. The purpose is to select the person who embodies the closest qualities and the personality that is capable of enhancing the social cause of the pageant.”
She said the organizers have constantly echoed that the Miss Nigeria Ghana pageant has the capacity to give its supporting brands a massive reach and exposure to the 7th largest market in the world in terms of population, and will enhance visibility and patronage of brands to one of the strongest economies in Africa.
“Supporting the event will get your business in front of your target market give your brand the opportunity of reaching more extra millions of people in Ghana. So sponsoring the event is of high advantage to Ghanaian brands, international business in Ghana and, Nigerian corporations as well,” she entreated.
Miss Nigeria Ghana pageant promotes Nigerian cultural dexterity and diversity in Ghana and serves as a unifying tool for Nigerians and Ghanaians.
The winner of the pageant embarks on a one-year Community engagement service.
The previous three winners focused on breast cancer awareness campaign targeting all regions of Ghana