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ALERT: Massive Earthquake Likely To Hit Accra Soon – Ghana Geological Survey Authority

seismologist at the Geological Survey Authority (GSA), Nicholas
Opoku, has revealed that per his outfit’s observations, there is an
earthquake bound to happen in Accra following the earth tremor
of March 2, 2019.
Speaking on the radio show Atinka AM Drive, the seismologist
stated that earthquakes do not happen in a vacuum. He noted
that looming earthquakes usually give caution which usually
manifest in tremors.
The March 2 tremor measured 3.9 on Richter scale and was
experienced in such places as Gbawe, Sowutuom, Old Kasoa
Barrier, New Bortianor, Awoshie, Abelemkpe and McCarthy Hill.
A similar earth tremor occurred in late December 2018 around
Weija and Gbawe in the Ga South municipality.
According to Opoku, these frequent tremors are indications that
fault lines are active. A good amount of Accra has already been
identified as geological fault lines.
Opoku noted that: “For instance, the earthquake that occurred in
the 1980s, gave warning signals ahead for about 40 years before
it finally occurred.”
He, however, expressed worry over the fact that the GSA currently
has only one Seismology station located near the Ghana Institute
of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra.
He used the opportunity to plead for government’s investment
into helping track and monitor these incidents.
Ghana has not had any major earthquake since 1939 but it is an
area prone to earth tremors, some of which have been described
as minor earthquakes.


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