Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Bauchi gov calling for prayers, cooperation of traditional rulers and religious leaders

BAUCHI State lead representative, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, has pursued for the requests, participation and comprehension of conventional rulers, strict pioneers, partners and lawmakers across party affiliations for harmony to keep on reigning in the state and Nigeria all in all.

He made the allure in his altruism message to honor the New Year festivity.

The lead representative saluted individuals of the state for conquering the horde of difficulties in 2023, expressing that, “As a group, we have stayed undaunted despite monetary slump, environmental fiascos and security challenges.

Our trust is in God who, through our aggregate petitions, made it feasible for us to face the hardship.”

He noted it is satisfying that inspite of the lack of assets, his organization had not yielded in that frame of mind towards arrangement of infrastructural and social offices, particularly in the space of street recreation, mass lodging, metropolitan recharging and schooling.

“We have additionally kept huge steps in resuscitating farming, monetary strengthening and youth improvement,” he added.

He likewise said thanks to individuals of Bauchi State for giving him the order to serve them for an additional four years.

“Allow me to guarantee you that as an administration, we will during our subsequent residency increase current standards of execution and push the boondocks of progress as well as financial and political consideration as our system for giving more profits of a majority rules government to our kin.”

To this end, he said his organization would keep on extending counsel and local area commitment.
“This stakeholder ownership will based on the rights and obligations of the people . For emphasis also, we consider it the inalienable right of the people to hold government accountable to the tax payer,” he added.

“We have also decided to continue to maintain security by remaining vigilant against the activities of criminals. I want to assure you that criminals and their collaborators will have no safe haven in our state Bauchi State.”