Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Five(5) Promises From Tinubu’s New Year Message

Tinubu’s new year speech focused on the accomplishments of his administration since taking office seven months ago and his comprehensive plans for the upcoming year.
President Tinubu reflected on his path to the presidency and commended Nigeria’s 24 years of continuous democracy.
He emphasized his efforts to avert what he described as a fiscal disaster for the country.
Acknowledging the difficult decisions made, including the removal of fuel subsidies and reforms in the foreign exchange system, Tinubu recognized the discomfort these caused for Nigerians but expressed confidence in their resilience.
Looking ahead, he announced plans to accelerate service delivery across various sectors in 2024.

The following are five commitments made by the President during the cross country address.

1 Reliable electricity supply
Tinubu on power suply: ” Only this previous December during COP28 in Dubai, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and I concurred and focused on another arrangement to accelerate the conveyance of the Siemens Energy power project that will at last convey dependable stockpile of power to our homes and organizations under the Official Power Drive which started in 2018.

“Other power establishment activities to fortify the dependability of our transmission lines and upgrade the uprightness of our Public lattice are continuous the nation over.

“My organization perceives that no significant financial change can occur without consistent power supply.”

2. Resume local refining of petroleum
Talking on nearby treatment facilities, he said, “In 2024, we are moving above and beyond in our mission to restart neighborhood refining of oil based goods with Port Harcourt Processing plant, and the Dangote Processing plant which will completely come on stream.”

3. Support food supply
In this New Year, Tinubu swore to speed up endeavors to develop 500,000 hectares of farmlands cross country to develop maize, rice, wheat, millet, and other staple yields to ensure a consistent stockpile, security, and reasonableness of food.

His words, “To guarantee steady food supply, security and reasonableness, we will move forward our arrangement to develop 500,000 hectares of farmlands the nation over to develop maize, rice, wheat, millet and other staple yields. We sent off the dry season cultivating with 120,000 hectares of land in Jigawa State last November under our Public Wheat Improvement Program.”

4. Support local, and foreign investments
Concerning making Nigeria a favored area for both homegrown and unfamiliar ventures this New Year, Tinubu promises to address any issues in the manner.

“In this new year, we will attempt to beat the clock to guarantee all the monetary and charge strategies changes we want to set up are systematized and improved to guarantee the business climate doesn’t annihilate esteem. On each unfamiliar outing I have set out on, my message to financial backers and other money managers has been something similar. Nigeria is prepared and just getting started.

“I will battle each obstruction that blocks business seriousness in Nigeria and I won’t hold back to eliminate any stop up preventing our way to going with Nigeria an objective of decision for nearby and unfamiliar speculations.”

5. Actualization of eight(8) priority areas in 2024 financial plan: Security, work creation, neediness decrease, others.

“In my 2024 Spending plan show to the Public Gathering, I recorded my organization’s 8 need regions to incorporate public guard and inward security, work creation, large scale financial solidness, speculation climate advancement, human resources advancement, destitution decrease and government managed retirement.

“Since we treat our improvement plan extremely in a serious way, our 2024 spending plan mirrors the superior we put on accomplishing our administration targets.”