Funkmaster Flex Implicated In Nicki Minaj & Tracy Chapman’s Copyright Lawsuit

Nicki still won’t say “Sorry”.

In August 2018, the release of Nicki Minaj‘s album, Queen, was delayed a few days due to copyright issues. She struggled to clear the sample of Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You”, which appeared on her collaboration with Nas, “Sorry”. In the end, Queen dropped without “Sorry” featured on the tracklist, but Minaj has been embroiled in a federal copyright infringement lawsuit with Chapman since then. 

Although “Sorry” was not distributed to consumers, Funkmaster Flex played the song on his Hot 97 radio show before the album release. For this reason, Chapman is seeking damages. She is also asking for text messages between Flex and Minaj to be shared in court to reveal whether Minaj willfully sent the song to be aired. However, the rapper has been refusing to hand over this evidence and, last week, Chapman requested for a judge to force her to. Minaj is also denying Chapman’s infringement claim, claiming the folk singer did not own the copyright for “Baby Can I Hold You,” and that “Sorry”‘s use of the song was protected under “Fair Use” law.