Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Unlocking Wellness Secrets: Expert Tips from Local Doctors for a Healthier Life

In the quest for a healthier and more fulfilling life, local doctors share invaluable advice to transform your well-being. Discover their unique insights and secrets to living well with these expert tips.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

Uncover the keys to a healthy heart by taking control of your health numbers. Cardiologist Ketan Trivedi emphasizes monitoring blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol levels to mitigate risks.

Revolutionize Your Bathroom Habits

Gastroenterologist Barathi Sivasailam suggests a simple yet effective change: invest in a Squatty Potty. Elevating your feet during bathroom breaks can enhance regularity and reduce straining.

Prioritize Sleep Patterns

Sleep expert Jessica Riggs emphasizes the importance of consistent sleep patterns. Establish a routine, limit electronic devices, and maintain regular wake-up times to energize your day.

Nail Care Beyond Manicures

Dermatologist Maral Kibarian Skelsey recommends going polish-free periodically to allow nails to recover. This break also facilitates self-examination for any abnormalities, ensuring early detection of potential issues.

Optimize Wound Healing

Dermatologist David Bray advises against letting wounds dry out. Keep them moist with petroleum jelly or natural oil and a loose bandage to promote faster healing and avoid scabs.

Build Core Strength and Balance

Neurosurgeons Joshua Wind and Nikhil Nayak stress the importance of a strong core to slow down degenerative changes. Strengthen abdominal and back muscles for overall spinal health.

Embrace Stretching for Overall Well-being

Surgeon Colin Haines advocates
incorporating stretching into your routine with the 5-5 rule: five minutes before and after exercise. Pay attention to stretching your core and back for injury prevention.

Switch to Mineral-Based Sunscreen

Dermatologist Melda Isaac recommends chemical-free, mineral-based sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for superior protection against UV light.

Take a Stroll for Better Health

Orthopedic specialist Joseph O’Brien extols the benefits of walking for weight management and longevity. It’s never too late to start incorporating regular walks into your routine.

Stimulate Your Mind

Neurosurgeon Richard Murray advises engaging in games, and puzzles, learning new skills, and regular social interaction to maintain cognitive function and mood.

Harness the Power of Vitamin C

Dermatologist Terrence Keaney emphasizes a skincare regimen anchored by vitamin C antioxidants during the day and a topical retinoid at night for healthy skin aging.

Find Joy in Fitness

Cardiologist Chinedu Madu encourages finding an exercise you genuinely enjoy. Experiment with various activities until you discover the one that makes staying active a pleasure

Prioritize Mind/Body Relaxation

Gastroenterologist Nisha Chand underscores the connection between a calm mind and a healthy gut. Incorporate breathing exercises to manage stress and promote gut health.

Embrace Outdoor Exercise Year-Round

Orthopedic surgeon Marc Rankin advocates for exercising outside throughout the year to maintain exposure to crucial sunlight for vitamin D production and bone health.

Flexibility in Goal Setting

Internist Paul Silver advises setting realistic health goals, taking them one day at a time, and being flexible in adjusting them along the way. Expect occasional setbacks but stay committed to your journey.