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Face of Agulu

My first blogging job paid only 150 US Dollars – Linda Ikeji

Nigerian celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has revealed that she received a meagre 150 US dollars as her first paycheck when she first ventured into the world of blogging.

Her time in the industry has not been without controversy as her blog was shut down by technology giants Google in 2014 for unspecified reasons.

Speaking to Nana Adwoa Sarkodie of Citi News she indicated that the business of blogging held so much untapped potential to which she was blind until she first received money for her work.

“My first paycheck was a hundred and fifty dollars. It came to me when I didn’t know we could make money out of blogging. So I wasn’t advertising at that point,” she said.

She said a company came to her to advertise but she declined the offer and just asked that they sent their stories to be published for free

“I think the company had budgeted for me so the people were keeping the money. So ‘Dena’ got to a point where he got uncomfortable so he insisted I take the money.  So that was the first paycheck I got. And that opened my eyes to possibilities,” she added.

According to Linda, other people started coming to her after her first advert and since then she started charging five dollars ($5.00) and ten dollars ($10.00),” she disclosed to Citi News

The veteran in the industry was in Ghana to participate in the Ghana Bloggers Summit where she shared her expertise with some stakeholders and interested parties