Yesterday, Nigeria was declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization, (WHO). The declaration is an attestation to the Nigerian Can Do Spirit. It is also a clear demonstration of the many possibilities of our Nation. With us as a people, united under God, there is nothing we cannot achieve when we stand together behind an objective. Unity is the secret weapon Nigeria used against the Ebola Virus Disease and nothing shall be impossible for a united Nigeria. I congratulate and thank all Nigerians on this great feat. I want to also specially thank the governments and peoples of Lagos, Rivers and Enugu states, the first responders who treated the index cases. To all the thirty six state governors who united with the Federal Government to rid Nigeria of this scourge I also say a big thank you. Although we have been declared free of Ebola we must however, remain vigilant as the Ebola virus is still on rampage in neighboring Sister Countries. We cannot afford to let down our guard when there is still Ebola pain in our subregion. In this regard we will spare no resource in supporting our neighbors in the battle to contain this deadly scourge. May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. GEJ